ALUMINIUM BLEND IS LIGHT, STRONG, HARD AND CHEAP. ‘A former Australian drag racing champion has come up with an advanced material with tremendous export potential’

    • ULTALITE® is a low cost, light weight, Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (AL-MMC), with ceramic micro-spheres, formulated for the manufacture of wear resistant Automotive components including brake drums, brake discs, engine blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, con rods, oil pumps, transmission components and many other Automotive parts.

    • ULTALITE® is a formulation of Aluminium Alloy with between 15% and 60% spherical ceramic particles, depending on its application. ULTALITE® is wear resistant, unlike other AL-MMC materials, however offering optimum machinability similar to grey Cast Iron.  CYCO Systems Corporation, the innovator of ULTALITE® MMC, controls the patent to add and process flyash ceramic particles into Aluminium Alloy (US Patent number 4,888,054), with additional patents pending for metal preparation, processing, casting, and product design innovations.

    • ULTALITE® offers greater than 60% weight reduction compared to cast iron or steel, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced pollution. Reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions is high on the agenda of European and Asian countries as well as other regions around the World, and ULTALITE ® provides an avenue for Automakers to address this issue.