ULTALITE® is the lowest cost Aluminium MMC

ULTALITE® is a low cost, light weight Aluminium based material that has potential in the manufacture of a number of Automotive components including brake drums, brake discs, engine blocks, cylinder heads and pistons for transmission components whilst delivering considerable weight savings compared to cast iron, resulting in improved fuel and reduced pollution.  Initial tests have shown that ULTALITE®, in addition to being wear resistant to have optimum machinability, similar to Grey iron.

Consumers continue to demand improved safety, better quality and low operating costs at an affordable price.  Consumer demands coupled with increasing cost and decreasing supply of fossil fuels, changing social and political climate and increasing threat of terrorism, and growing traffic on roads is forcing governments to regulate and demand improved safety standards and fuel efficiency from the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Cyco Systems already has a globally patented light weight, wear resistant, low cost Aluminium MMC (ULTALITE® for Automotive applications, delivering weight reduction at an affordable cost.  The company is now pursuing development of Aluminium Foam using ULTALITE® as the base formulation.  Through the development of ULTALITE® Foam, Cyco Systems aims to deliver weight reduction as well as improved structural strength and impact resistance.

Aluminium Foam is stronger and stiffer than other polymer Foams as well as honeycomb, while being more flexible than metal matrix composites.  It can also resist and absorb energy from all directions much more efficiently than polymer Foams and honeycomb, and operate at much greater temperatures.  It can be used as filler in a tubular structure or as a flat panel firewall for energy absorption, for example behind the passenger compartment of a vehicle or bumper beam.

As ULTALITE® is the lowest cost Aluminium MMC, using it as the base formulation for ULTALITE®Aluminium Foam ensures the development of a lowest cost Aluminium Foam.