Cyco Systems is seeking to pursue various avenues to develop the process to produce ULTALITE®Foam, as well as the material itself.


The scope of development for this project is outlined as follows:

The proposed work is aimed at meeting the four overriding objectives. These objectives will be addressed in four sequential stages of work, each of which builds on the outcomes of those preceding it,

  1. Manufacturing of Aluminum/Ceramic composite Foams.
  2. Characterization and evaluation of the Aluminum/Ceramic composite Foams, including the porous structure, the pore size distribution, the mechanical property and the energy absorption capability of the Aluminum/Ceramic Foams.
  3. Optimization of the compositions (i.e., the ratio of the Aluminum alloy to the Ceramic particles), the porous structure, the mechanical properties and the energy absorptions of the Aluminum/Ceramic composite Foams.
  4. Development of tubular component structure consisting of Aluminum/Ceramic composite Foams filled in tubes or frames for Automotive applications.

The experiments and sample characterization will be carried out predominantly at the Deakin labs, where we have the necessary equipment such as electric furnace for manufacturing the Aluminum/Ceramic Foams via powder metallurgical process, and the equipment for the characterization and evaluation of the Aluminum/Ceramic Foams.